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The following disclaimers established by CFG and with the consent of counsel:


The participating investigators of the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG) are devoted to furthering knowledge of the functions of sugar molecules in biology and medicine. As world leaders in this academic endeavor, the CFG's investigators may receive requests for information about health benefits of nutritional supplements, including but not limited to so-called glyconutrients, glyconutritionals, or other similarly named products. The CFG does not endorse use of these or other nutritional supplements, and is not associated with any manufacturer or supplier of 'glyconutrients'. The information on the CFG website shall not be construed to be offering any medical advice or opinions about specific diagnoses or treatments. The CFG urges persons having questions regarding nutritional supplements to consult a physician before initiating use of any nutritional supplement claiming to enhance health or treat disease.


Articles on the Consortium website are published with permission of the respective copyright holder. Altering, recompiling, systematic or programmatic copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or re-publishing the article content or any part thereof without explicit permission from the copyright holder is prohibited.
Systematic downloading, printing for 'fee-for-service' purpose and/or the systematic making of electronic copies for transmission to non-subscribers are prohibited. Downloading of articles or parts thereof to form a persistent local archive without prior written permission of the copyright holder is prohibited.

Use of the Site

The Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG) and Nature Publishing Group (NPG) provide the Functional Glycomics Gateway and all its content on an 'as is' basis, without warranty or representation of any kind, express or implied. The Gateway is protected by international copyright, trademark and other laws. You may download material from the site for your personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you keep intact all authorship, copyright and other proprietary notices. If you use the Gateway, you accept these terms. The CFG and NPG reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.

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